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Paris (13) vs Gent (15) – #SKOD2014

Date: 01 June 2014


Predicted score: Paris 150 : 130 Gent

Actual score: Paris 183 : 139 Gent

Paris come out of 2014: A Skate Odyssey victorious as they finish in first place, they also move up the rankings to 12. Tournament hosts Gent finish second in the tournament and drop down to 16.

Paris (17) vs Gent (14)

Date: 19 April 2014


Predicted score: Paris 150 : 160 Gent

Actual score: Paris 189 : 205 Gent

A narrow win for Gent as predicted but the points spread was slightly more in Gent’s favour. Gent finish with weekend ranked at 15, dropping after a big win from Leeds, While Paris drop one place to 18 as a result of this score.