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Croydon (35) vs Brighton (20)

Date: 26 July 2014


Predicted score: Croydon 100 : 198 Brighton

Actual score: Croydon 151 : 163 Brighton

A narrow win for Brighton, who were predicted to score nearly twice as many points as Croydon. Croydon will move up to 30, while Brighton drop down to 22.

Croydon (26) vs Nantes (79)

Date: 19 Oct 2013


Predicted score: Croydon 300 : 77 Nantes

Actual score: Croydon 233 : 121 Nantes

A much close game than predicted, Nantes got within 112 points of Croydon which will impact both these teams in the rankings. After all the games at Bikes and Skates show Nantes the final rankings position of the teams are Nantes at 65, Croydon at 30 and Oslo at 50.

Croydon (26) vs Oslo (82)

Date: 19 Oct 2013


Predicted score: Croydon 300 : 71 Oslo

Actual score: Croydon 214 : 200 Oslo

Although Oslo were unable to beat Croydon, they were certainly able to keep up with them. Oslo will jump up to 50 in the rankings and Croydon drop down to 30. This game was part of a triple header featuring Nantes, both teams will go on to play the French team.

Croydon (26) vs Tiger Bay B (49)

Date: 17 Aug 2013


Predicted score: Croydon 200 : 90 Tiger Bay B

Actual score: Croydon 206 : 108 Tiger Bay B

A fantastic game to watch, Croydon’s aggressive style and dynamic packs against Tiger Bay B’s controlled walls. Lead jammer calls were heavily in Croydon’s favour, allowing them to continually put points on the board while Tiger Bay B managed to take advantage of any power jam in their favour. Home team Croydon managed to score 98 points more than their Welsh opponents but as they were predicted to score over twice as much as Tiger Bay B, the Welsh team will benefit the most in the rankings. Croydon will drop down 1 place to 27 and Tiger Bay B will move up to 44.