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Tiger Bay (7) vs Crime City (9) #WET2014

Date: 15 Nov 2014


Predicted score: Tiger Bay 150 : 139 Crime City

Actual score: Tiger Bay 162 : 290 Crime City

A big win for Crime City, nearly doubling Tiger Bay’ points. Crime City move up to 6, while Tiger Bay drop down to 10.

Tiger Bay (7) vs Middlesbrough (14)

Date: 11 Oct 2014


Predicted score: Tiger Bay 200 : 102 Middlesbrough

Actual score: Tiger Bay 151 : 127 Middlesbrough

Only a 24 point win for Tiger Bay who were predicted to score nearly twice as much as Middlesbrough. Despite a loss of ranking points for Tiger Bay and a big gain for Middlesbrough, neither team move in the rankings.

Tiger Bay (7) vs London Brawling (1)

Date: 8 Feb 2014


Predicted score: Tiger Bay 41 : 400 London Brawling

Actual score: Tiger Bay 30 : 500 London Brawling

This game was played using 30 second penalties. A strong performance from Tiger Bay was not enough to hit the predicted score against London Brawling, who managed to increase the points differential to 470. London Brawling will remain ranked 1st in Europe, while Tiger Bay drop down to 9.