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Berlin (6) vs Rainy City (16) #WET2014

Date: 15 Nov 2014


Predicted score: Berlin 200 : 98 Rainy City

Actual score: Berlin 199 : 177 Rainy City

Berlin were predicted to score twice as much as Rainy City, but Rainy City were able to come within 22 points. Rainy City move up to 12, while Berlin stay ranked 6.

Rainy City (15) vs Berlin (6)

Date: 9 Nov 2013


Predicted score: Rainy City 100 : 228 Berlin

Actual score: Rainy City 155 : 279 Berlin

This was a close game until part way through the second half where Berlin were able to regain control of the scoreboard. The final score was very similar to the predicted score, with Rainy City doing slightly better than the rankings suggested. Neither team will move as a result of this game.