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Croydon (35) vs Brighton (20)

Date: 26 July 2014


Predicted score: Croydon 100 : 198 Brighton

Actual score: Croydon 151 : 163 Brighton

A narrow win for Brighton, who were predicted to score nearly twice as many points as Croydon. Croydon will move up to 30, while Brighton drop down to 22.

Auld Reekie (3) vs Brighton (14)

Date: 24 Oct 2013


Predicted score: Auld Reekie 200 : 89 Brighton

Actual score: Auld Reekie 349 : 89 Brighton

Auld Reekie scored 149 points more than predicted giving them a big advantage in ranking points gained. Auld Reekie remain at 3, but come closer to challenging the number 2 position of Brawl Saints. Brighton drop down to 17 as a result of this game.

Leeds (11) vs Brighton (17)

Date: 21 Sept 2013


Predicted score: Leeds 200 : 142 Brighton

Actual score: Leeds 142 : 176 Brighton

Home team and underdogs Brighton took the win. After a big lead of over 70 points for Brighton in the first half, Leeds were nearly able to catch up, falling 34 points short on the final whistle. As a result of this game, Leeds drop down to 12 and Brighton move up to 13.

Bristol (21) vs Brighton (16)

Date: 26 May 2013


Predicted score: Bristol 150 : 192 Brighton

Actual score: Bristol 251 : 175 Brighton

A tale of power jams and penalties, Bristol capitalised on playing a cleaner game and defeated the ranking favourites Brighton by over 75 points. Bristol will move up to 16 as a result of this game and Brighton drop down to 19.