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Nidaros B (258) vs Belfast (61)

Date: 4 Oct 2014


Predicted score: Nidaros B 50 : 467 Belfast

Actual score: Nidaros B 90 : 392 Belfast

A smaller points differential than predicted between these two teams will benefit Nidaros B as they move up to 213. Belfast drop down to 64.

Swansea (71) vs Belfast (74)

Date: 25 Aug 2013


Predicted score: Swansea 200 : 195 Belfast

Actual score: Swansea 238 : 173 Belfast

A bigger point differential than predicted will benefit Swansea in the third place playoff at the Quad Nations tournament. Swansea will finish third in the tournament and 67 in the rankings, a jump of 23 places over the course of the weekend. Belfast finish fourth in the tournament and drop to 77 in the rankings.