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Swansea (43) vs Rainy City B (75)

Date: 16 Aug 2014


Predicted score: Swansea 200 : 100 Rainy City B

Actual score: Swansea 195 : 149 Rainy City B

Swansea fell just short of their predicted 200 points, while Rainy City B were able to put up a third more points on the board than predicted. This means Rainy City B move up to 70 and Swansea drop down to 44.

Rainy City B (50) vs London Batter C (44)

Date: 5 Oct 2013


Predicted score: Rainy City B 150 : 179 London Batter C

Actual score: Rainy City B 156 : 260 London Batter C

A bigger win than predicted for visitors London Batter C means they will continue their climb up the rankings ti 41. Rainy City B will drop down to 54 as a result of this game.

Newcastle B (70) vs Rainy City B (45)

Date: 27 July 2013


Predicted score: Newcastle B 100 : 186 Rainy City B

Actual score: Newcastle B 235 : 248 Rainy City B

A much closer score than predicted favours Newcastle B despite Rainy City B taking the win. As a result of this game, Rainy City B drop down to 47 and Newcastle B move up to 59.

Amsterdam (65) vs Rainy City B (36)

Date: 8 June 2013


Predicted score: Amsterdam 92 : 200 Rainy City B

Actual score: Amsterdam 193 : 161 Rainy City B

A much stronger performance by home team Amsterdam than predicted, taking the win despite being the underdogs. As a result of this game Rainy City B will drop down to 46 and Amsterdam will move up 10 places to 55.