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Tiger Bay (7) vs Middlesbrough (14)

Date: 11 Oct 2014


Predicted score: Tiger Bay 200 : 102 Middlesbrough

Actual score: Tiger Bay 151 : 127 Middlesbrough

Only a 24 point win for Tiger Bay who were predicted to score nearly twice as much as Middlesbrough. Despite a loss of ranking points for Tiger Bay and a big gain for Middlesbrough, neither team move in the rankings.

Middlesbrough (10) vs London Brawl Saints (2)

Date: 22 March 2014


Predicted score: Middlesbrough 100 : 207 London Brawl Saints

Actual score: Middlesbrough 74 : 300 London Brawl Saints

A much bigger win than predicted for London Brawl Saints saw them score over 4 time more points than Middlesbrough. As a result of this game London Brawl Saints remain ranked 2, while Middlesbrough drop down to 11.