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Gent (18) vs Crime City (7) #WET2014

Date: 16 Nov 2014


Predicted score: Gent 100 : 200 Crime City

Actual score: Gent 143 : 251 Crime City

Crime City were predicted to score twice as much as Gent. Even though Gent did better than the prediction, neither team will move in the rankings as a result of this game.

Paris (17) vs Gent (14)

Date: 19 April 2014


Predicted score: Paris 150 : 160 Gent

Actual score: Paris 189 : 205 Gent

A narrow win for Gent as predicted but the points spread was slightly more in Gent’s favour. Gent finish with weekend ranked at 15, dropping after a big win from Leeds, While Paris drop one place to 18 as a result of this score.