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Seaside (36) vs London Rockin Rollers (28)

Date: 20 Sept 2014


Predicted score: Seaside 150 : 188 London Rockin Rollers

Actual score: Seaside 150 : 147 London Rockin Rollers

A very close score and a narrow win for home team Seaside. Seaside move up to 35, London Rockin Rollers remain ranked at 28.

London Batter C (47) vs Seaside (39)

Date: 29 June 2013


Predicted score: London Batter C 150 : 169 Seaside

Actual score: London Batter C 103 : 291 Seaside

A big win for Seaside Sirens over home team London Batter C. Although Seaside were predicted to win, they put a much bigger points differential on the board than the rankings suggested so they will move up to 32. London Batter C will drop down to 53 after this loss.