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Central City (19) vs Leeds (17)

Date: 18 Oct 2014


Predicted score: Central City 150 : 151 Leeds

Actual score: Central City 163 : 215 Leeds

In what was predicted to be a one-point game between these two well matched teams, turned out to be a solid win for home team Leeds. Leeds move up to 16, while Central City drop down to 20.

London Rockin Rollers (28) vs Leeds (24) – #SKOD2014

Date: 01 June 2014


Predicted score: London Rockin Rollers 150 : 170 Leeds

Actual score: London Rockin Rollers 113 : 244 Leeds

A bigger win than predicted for Leeds moves them up to 23 as they finish the tournament in 7th place. London Rockin Rollers drop down to 31 and finish the tournament 8th.