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Central City (19) vs Leeds (17)

Date: 18 Oct 2014


Predicted score: Central City 150 : 151 Leeds

Actual score: Central City 163 : 215 Leeds

In what was predicted to be a one-point game between these two well matched teams, turned out to be a solid win for home team Leeds. Leeds move up to 16, while Central City drop down to 20.

Central City (17) vs Dolly (48)

Date: 12 Jan 2014


Predicted score: Central City 300 : 80 Dolly

Actual score: Central City 372 : 28 Dolly

The third game in the UKRDA 2014 Tattoo Freeze tournament saw Central City put up a strong defense against Dolly, only allowing them to score 28 points while putting up over 13 times as many points. This means Central City move up to 14 in the rankings while Dolly drop down to 65.