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Central City B (93) vs Leeds B (81)

Date: 18 Oct 2014


Predicted score: Central City B 150 : 167 Leeds B

Actual score: Central City B 180 : 198 Leeds B

A similar points spread to the predictions means there is not much movement for these teams. Central City B move up to 92, Leeds B stay at 81.

Leeds B (76) vs Wheels of Gory (245)

Date: 22 March 2014


Predicted score: Leeds B 400 : 54 Wheels of Gory

Actual score: Leeds B 483 : 54 Wheels of Gory

An eerily accurate predicted score for Wheels of Gory from Oxford but Leeds B increased the points differential by 83 points. As a result of this game Leeds B remain ranked at 76, while Wheels of Gory and drop down to 254.