London Rockin Rollers (5) vs Glasgow (9) #GRDChaos

Date: 25th Aug 2012

Tournament: Glasgow Roller Derby Summer Tournament: Chaos on the Clyde

Predicted score: London Rockin Rollers 135 : 100 Glasgow

Actual Score: London Rockin Rollers 114 : 168 Glasgow

With the home-field advantage, Glasgow start their tournament off with an upset over number 5 London Rockin Rollers. There were a lot of penalties from both teams but ultimately Glasgow were able to stay in control and take the win. London Rockin Rollers can expect to drop down a place and Glasgow can expect see themselves rise to a safer spot in the top 10. Though nothing is for certain as there are still many games left to play in this tournament so we can expect to see many changes in the top 10 before the September rankings are released.

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