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Wolverhampton (95) vs Severn (56)

Date: 16 March 2013


Predicted score: Wolverhampton 100 : 234 Severn

Actual score: Wolverhampton 83 : 310 Severn

Severn were able to widen an already big predicted points differential. Wolverhampton will move down to 116 as a result of this game and Severn will move up only 1 spot to 55.

Bristol B (140) vs Wolverhampton (77)

Date: 02 Dec 2012


Predicted score: Bristol B 100 : 268 Wolverhampton

Actual score: Bristol B 224 : 127 Wolverhampton

A massive upset for Wolverhampton as a newly ranked Bristol B team were able to get a win of nearly 100 points. Bristol B are a new addition to the rankings so they haven’t yet played enough games to find their place but this result will give them a boost of over 30 places. Wolverhampton will drop down to the late eighties.