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Birmingham (29) vs Toulouse (13)

Date: 17 May 2014


Predicted score: Birmingham 100 : 193 Toulouse

Actual score: Birmingham 59 : 369 Toulouse

A much bigger win than predicted for home team Toulouse moves them up to 12 in the rankings, while Birmingham drop down to 35.

Big Bucks (32) vs Toulouse (40)

Date: 13 April 2013


Predicted score: Big Bucks 200 : 163 Toulouse

Actual score: Big Bucks 122 : 179 Toulouse

Home team Toulouse were neck and neck with Big Bucks for the majority of the game. It was only half way through the second period when the French team managed to capitalise on a few power jams and really opened up the points spread. As a result of this game Toulouse will move up to 37 and Big Bucks will drop down to 40.