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Severn (58) vs Granite City (64)

Date: 25 Aug 2013


Predicted score: Severn 200 : 175 Granite City

Actual score: Severn 126 : 162 Granite City

This was the battle for first place at the Quad Nations tournament. Granite City fought hard to take home the golden skate and will finish ranked 58, Severn will take home the silver wheel and the ranking position 64.

Severn (58) vs Belfast (72)

Date: 25 Aug 2013


Predicted score: Severn 200 : 155 Belfast

Actual score: Severn 139 : 103 Belfast

This was the first full length bout at Quad Nations. Despite neither team scoring as much as predicted, Severn were able to score slightly more than the rankings suggested. Severn will not move as a result of this game but Belfast will drop down to 74.

Severn (64) vs Wiltshire (144)

Date: 09 June 2013


Predicted score: Severn 200 : 56 Wiltshire

Actual score: Severn 350 : 69 Wiltshire

Severn were able to keep Wiltshire to a very low score while increasing their own points scored. Although Severn have gained rankings points, they will remain at 64. Wiltshire will drop down to 151 as a result of this game.