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Cambridge (60) vs Oxford (112)

Date: 22 March 2014


Predicted score: Cambridge 200 : 86 Oxford

Actual score: Cambridge 211 : 132 Oxford

Oxford did better than predicted, which moves them up to 102. Cambridge drop down to 62 as a result of the smaller points differential.

Oxford (116) vs MK Concrete Cows (72)

Date: 09 June 2013


Predicted score: Oxford 106 : 200 MK Concrete Cows

Actual score: Oxford 137 : 158 MK Concrete Cows

A much closer game than predicted, even though MK Concrete Cows won, the small points spread will benefit Oxford in the rankings. As a result of this game Oxford will move up to 104 and MK Concrete Cows will drop down to 78.