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Kallio (13) vs Lahti (64)

Date: 22 March 2014


Predicted score: Kallio 300 : 53 Lahti

Actual score: Kallio 324 : 63 Lahti

A big win for Kallio but both teams did better than predicted, with the percentage of points scored favouring Lahti. Kallio move up to 12 because of Leeds dropping in the rankings. Lahti move up to 60 as a result of this score.

Stuttgart (21) vs Kallio (12)

Date: 30 Nov 2013


Predicted score: Stuttgart 150 : 201 Kallio

Actual score: Stuttgart 161 : 202 Kallio

Stuttgart were able to score 11 points on top of their predicted score while Kallio only scored an extra one point. While this is not enough to change Kallio’s position in the rankings, Stuttgart do move up to 19.