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Helsinki B (89) vs Kallio B (99)

Date: 14 Dec 2013


Predicted score: Helsinki B 150 : 127 Kallio B

Actual score: Helsinki B 227 : 142 Kallio B

A bigger win for Helsinki B than predicted pushes their position in the rankings up to 87. Kallio B struggle to maintain a spot in the top 100 and drop down to 106.

Copenhagen B (120) vs Kallio B (86)

Date: 06 Oct 2012


Predicted score: Copenhagen B 100 : 164 Kallio B

Actual score: Copenhagen B 227 : 155 Kallio B

Copenhagen B had a big win over ranking favourites Kallio B, which will see them move up much closer to the 100 mark. Kallio B will fall as a result of this loss and will likely sit at 100.