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Hull (76) vs Dublin B (77)

Date: 11 Oct 2014


Predicted score: Hull 201 : 200 Dublin B

Actual score: Hull 164 : 165 Dublin B

The ranking prediction was a one point win for visitors Hull but on game day it was a one point win for Dublin B. These teams swap places in the rankings, Dublin B moving up to 76 and Hull dropping down to 77.

Hull (92) vs Bruising Banditas (113)

Date: 26 May 2013


Predicted score: Hull 207 : 150 Bruising Banditas

Actual score: Hull 111 : 249 Bruising Banditas

A massive upset in favour of Bruising Banditas, winning by 138 points when they were predicted to lose by 57. This means Bruising Banditas will move up to 93 and Hull will drop down to 110.