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Oulu (213) vs Helsinki B (85)

Date: 18 Jan 2014


Predicted score: Oulu 50 : 242 Helsinki B

Actual score: Oulu 169 : 130 Helsinki B

A significant win for underdogs Oulu gives them a massive 66 place jump in the rankings, moving them up to 147. Helsinki B drop down to 100.

Crime City B (60) vs Helsinki B (74)

Date: 29 Sept 2012

Video: http://www.justin.tv/crimecityrollers/b/333886229 (part one)
http://www.justin.tv/crimecityrollers/b/333886759 (part two)

Predicted score: Crime City B 156 : 100 Helsinki B

Actual score: Crime City B 170 : 114 Helsinki B

The result of this game was very similar to the result predicted by the rankings. Crime City will not move despite winning but Helsinki B, slightly minimising the points differential, should gain a couple of spots.