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Evolution (161) vs Reaper (224)

Date: 26 July 2014


Predicted score: Evolution 200 : 106 Reaper

Actual score: Evolution 183 : 173 Reaper

A very narrow win for Evolution who were predicted to win by a lot more. Reaper break in to the top 200 and move up to 198, while Evolution drop down to 169.

Hereford (106) vs Evolution (158)

Date: 9 March 2014


Predicted score: Hereford 200 : 108 Evolution

Actual score: Hereford 169 : 123 Evolution

Not as big a win as predicted for favourites Hereford as they have a 46 point win over Evolution, exactly half the points margin predicted. This means Hereford drop down to 115, while Evolution move up to 154.

Evolution (139) vs Hereford (142)

Date: 31 March 2013


Predicted score: Evolution 150 : 146 Hereford

Actual score: Evolution 220 : 236 Hereford

This was predicted to be a close game, and it was, only with Hereford taking the win. As a result of this game, these teams will switch position in the rankings. Evolution will now be at 141 and Hereford move up to 139.

Manchester B (139) vs Evolution (143)

Date: 02 March 2013


Predicted score: Manchester B 200 : 181 Evolution

Actual score: Manchester B 127 : 221 Evolution

Evolution beat Manchester B by nearly 100 points despite being lower in the rankings. As a result of this game Evolution will move up to 133 and Manchester B will drop down to 147.

These teams last met Dec 2012

Evolution (129) vs Manchester B (115)

Date: 02 Dec 2012


Predicted score: Evolution 100 : 123 Manchester B

Actual score: Evolution 108 : 192 Manchester B

Manchester B were able to increase on the points differential predicted, despite gaining points on the rankings, they will not move positions. Evolution will drop slightly to sit at 135 as a result of this game.

Evolution (113) vs Nottingham (90)

Date: 16 Sept 2012

Predicted score: Evolution 100 : 142 Nottingham

Actual score: Evolution 277 : 268 Nottingham

This high scoring match up saw Evolution take the win by a very narrow margin despite being ranked over 20 spots below Nottingham. Both teams will have a significant change in their ranking position as a result of this game, Evolution gaining a few spots and Nottingham losing a few.