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Basingstoke (254) vs Dorset (93)

Date: 10 Aug 2014


Predicted score: Basingstoke 50 : 295 Dorset

Actual score: Basingstoke 86 : 275 Dorset

A big win for Dorset but Basingstoke were able to reduce the points differential. Basingstoke will move up to 222, while Dorset will drop down to 95.

Plymouth (68) vs Dorset (U)

Date: 09 Feb 2013


Predicted score: Plymouth 214 : 50 Dorset

Actual score: Plymouth 110 : 77 Dorset

Unranked Dorset were able to hold their own against Plymouth, with a much smaller loss than predicted. This means they will enter the rankings at around 127. Plymouth needed to win by a margin similar to the predicted score to maintain their position in the rankings which means they will drop to 72 as a result of this game.