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Bristol B (132) vs Cornwall (106)

Date: 7 Dec 2013


Predicted score: Bristol B 114 : 150 Cornwall

Actual score: Bristol B 176 : 180 Cornwall

A very narrow win for visitors Cornwall, though they were expected to win by more. This means Bristol B move up to 131, while Cornwall drop down to 110.

Cornwall (68) vs Grin N Barum (U)

Date: 25 May 2013


Predicted score: Cornwall 300 : 50 Grin N Barum

Actual score: Cornwall 287 : 157 Grin N Barum

This score shows that Grin N Barum performed better than the rankings predicted so they will enter the rankings at 150. This means Cornwall will move down to 76 as they did not put up the points needed to maintain their position.