London Brawl Saints (2) vs Auld Reekie (6)

Date: 28 April 2013

Video: Part one:
Part two:

Predicted score: Auld Reekie 150 : 170 London Brawl Saints

Actual score: Auld Reekie 140 : 187 London Brawl Saints

Auld Reekie started the game very strong with a lead of 20 points within the first 5 minutes and a string of lead jammer calls. Half way in to the first half Brawl Saints took advantage of some Auld Reekie penalties and managed to bring the score to 44-44. With penalties under control Auld Reekie regained control and finished the first half with a lead of 25 points. Penalties were the story of the second half with many jammer switch outs happening but Brawl Saints came out on top, finishing the game with 47 points over Auld Reekie.

The score differential was quite similar to the predicted score and although the ranking points change for both teams, neither of their positions will.

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